Pour célébrer dix ans d’insubordinations olfactives Etat Libre d’Orange au pays d’Alice édite un coffret anniversaire numéroté “Fragrances in Wonderland” autour des trois parfums emblématiques de la Maison.

Fragrances incluses (3 x 30 ml): Divin’Enfant, Putain des Palaces, Jasmin et Cigarette.

Pas d’expédition possible. Toutes les commandes doivent êtres enlevées à la boutique au 69 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France.


When Divin’Enfant fell down the rabbit hole, what strange and marvelous creatures she met in Wonderland! Like Jasmin & Cigarette, who asked “Who are YOU?”

“Orange blossom and marshmallow,” Divin’Enfant replied. “And I’m very charming. May I join you?”

Jasmin & Cigarette frowned. “You are not like me.  I am elegant and sophisticated.”

And there was Putain des Palaces. “And I am the embodiment of passion and sensuality. You’re not like me either. Besides, you’re too big.”

“But I want to be here,” Divin’Enfant pleaded. “How can I become smaller?”

“Smell me,” demanded Jasmin & Cigarette.

Divin’Enfant sniffed. The flowery jasmine and the smoke of tobacco made her head spin. And she began to shrink.

“Now, smell me,” said Putain des Palaces.

Roses, violets, lilies of the valley! And oh, that sensual rice powder …

“Look at me now!” cried Divin’Enfant. “I’m 30 ml, just like you. Can I stay?”

The other two considered her. “Elegance, passion and charm,” Jasmin & Cigarette said. “Yes, perhaps we do make a good team.”

“For a little while, at least,” Putain des Palaces added.

And the three settled down for a very nice visit.


UGS : ANI330